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Welcome!  We want to take the time to share with you some important information about Beaumont Athletics. Whether you are an incoming Freshman, or a returning student, we want to make sure everyone is educated about the possibilities and opportunities that are available in the Athletic Department for interested students.

Beaumont Athletics seeks to foster regionally competitive interscholastic sports programs that attract, nurture, and graduate student athletes who demonstrate integrity and character while pursuing excellence in their respective sports. Beaumont is a proud member of the North Coast League.  Beaumont offers twelve Varsity Sports Programs.

At Beaumont we educate women for life, leadership and service.  Beaumont Athletics compliments this mission well as we foster strong student-athletes who can win with class and lose with grace. Our history has shown that we have quality teams who can compete at a high level both within the North Coast League and beyond at the State Level. Although winning is important, it is equally important that we are fostering young women who are good teammates both on and off the playing field.

If you have any questions or would like to find out how to become involved in Beaumont Athletics please contact the Athletic Department at

Matt Robinson

3301 N Park Blvd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Phone: (216) 325-7342